Music Instruction

Kyle has been providing a unique approach to music education since early 2013. Through his lessons with a wide variety of ages and experiences, he has developed a philosophy of instruction that is focused primarily on his students’ needs and goals. His flexible curriculum is personalized and tailored to each student, empowering them to achieve their musical aims. For children he prefers the Piano Adventures series by Nancy & Randall Faber to assist in developing good reading skills and for introducing key musical concepts. However, every lesson is augmented with Kyle’s deep knowledge of music theory and his personal experience of that knowledge. Through his journey as a professional musician he has learned how critical it is to have a solid understanding of harmony, and he imparts this on all his students, no matter their age.

He is able to provide instruction in the following categories to students from 7 to 97:

  • Basic Note Reading & Beginner Piano
  • Jazz Piano
  • Jazz Improvisation & Theory (any instrument)
  • Classical Piano
  • Classical Theory (any instrument)
  • Composition¬†(any instrument)
  • Performance preparedness for gigging musicians
  • Music Production utilizing Ableton Live or Pro Tools
  • Live performance utilizing Ableton Live